Bungard Pick&Place SMT3000
ORIGINAL BUNGARD Presensitized Boards
Bungard LDI, UV laser direct imaging system for all common types of photoresists.
PROFILINE: PCB production with negative resist, galvanic through hole plating (PTH), green solder mask and blue components printing

Bungard CCD 2016

On basis of our proven CCD-Series we invented a number of improvements to the machine and closed the technology gap between the Bungard CCD Premium and the conventional technology.






Bungard Elektronik richtet Komplettlabor in Bahir Dar ein

Step Resolution



Chip Technology

8 bit



RS232 if needed via USB Converter

Direct USB Port for easy Installation

Data Transfer

Single Vektor

Buffermode optional. Thus strongly enhanced Milling Behavior and Milling Pattern


Ribbon Cable

Chainflex cable


KunststoffverbundplattePlastic Compund Panel

Precision aluminium table, both sides milled over, for approximately zero height tolerance


30.000 – 63.000

3.000 – 63.000

Tork Adaption


Via Machine Configuration adjustable

Vacuum Cleaner Connection

Separate Relais Socket

1 Switch-Socket with Solid State 2000W max integrated in Controller

Power Factor Correction Filter


PFC• protected against short Connection, Overload and Overvoltage


Additional Option. No Preparation

Prepared:1 potential-free switching output for dosing

Laser Exposure

Additional Option. No Preparation

Controller for UV-Laserhead 250mW already integrated

Upgrade to automatic Tool Change

Additional Option. No Preparation

1 Pneumatic switch output f.autom. tool change

Cover Switch

Additional Option. No Preparation

4mm Socket for cover switch / emergency stop


Further standard Features:


  • Tool Length Measurement and Tool Breakage Contorl integrated (ATC)

  • Milling Depth Limiter and Drill Pressure Foot

  • Software RoutePro3000 with Software Resolution 0,01µm and LOG-Files for improved Online-Support.



  • Camera for Fiducial Recognition

  • Vacuum Dust Extraction with automatic Activation via Software

  • Rollrack with transparent Doors and Door Safeta Switches

  • Laser for LDI Application

  • Dispenser

  • Silent Compressor

  • Vacuum Table

ROUTEPRO 3000-Modules:

Plus 3000 LaserPro 3000 DispPro 3000 Document 3000 Calibrate 3000 Inspect 3000


Technical Data


Power Connection:

90-250 V AC /47-63 Hz or 124-370V DC without accessories and vacuum cleaner


3 000 – 63 000,


1 – 9 000 mm/min. (reduced by Software Jumper)

Software Resolution:

0,00001mm (0,01µm)

Mechanical Resolution:

Step Width: ca. 3,175µm

Tool Diameter:

0.1mm – 3,175mm (recommended, bigger Tool Diameter possible)

Compressed Air Connection:

6 bar (ATC)

Maximum Position Speed per Axis:

9 000/mm/min (=366 mm/s)

Max. Drill Power:

5/s (= 18.000 Holes/Hour = 300 Holes /Minute, Hole Raster)

Required Accessories:

Computer; ATC: Compressed Air 6 bar

Board Fixation:

Clampfixing, Spanfixing, Reference Pin System, Batch Processing possible.

Vacuum fixation optional

Machine Dimension:

Working Area:

ATC/MTC: 700x800x300 mm

ATC/MTC: 495x325mm

Weight Machine:

ATC/MTC ca. 50 kg



Technical Changes reserved



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