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  • Press Releases Titan 3500 and EXP 3040 LED Open or Close

    Precision-Etch and Developing Machine Bungard Titan 3500 Rotator - Etching Center

    for pcb, modelling or printing applications

    The Bungard Titan 3500 is a vertical etching machine for precision applications. In contrast to conventional etching or developing machines, the substrate is rotated during the etching process on a clamping wheel. This prevents preferential directions and process strips safely and reduces and balances etching undercutting.

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  • Press releas: New Products electronica 2018 Open or Close

    New Products: Titan 3500 and EXP 3040 LED

    We present our new Titan 3500 etching machine and the new EXP 3040 LED exposure machine at Electronica.

    Digital, additive manufacturing - a new field in electronics

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  • Press Release: fair review Productronica 2017 Open or Close

    Press Release: fair review Productronica 2017

    The Productronica 2017, a great sucess! More

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  • Press Release Exhibition Brasil-FIEE 2017 Open or Close

    Bungard Partner Signum exhibits successfully at FIEE in Sao Paulo from July 25th - 28th 2017

    FIEE is the most important electronics fair in Brazil. Visitors were very interested in our products.

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  • Press Release Qualifica in Portugal Open or Close

    Bungard and the Escola Profissional de Espinho exhibit together at Qualifica Portugal

    Bungard CCD cuts a fine figure as a visitor magnet.
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  • Press Release Ethiopia 2017 Open or Close

    Ethiopia continuous on its way to progress

    Bungard Elektronik installs complete laboratory facility at the Ministery of Science and Technology.
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  • Review Electronica 2016 Open or Close

    Press Release Review Electronica 2016

    Bungard Elektronik GmbH & CO. KG is very content with results of Electronica 2016. Read more

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  • Press Releases Sprint 300 Open or Close

    New! The Bungard Sprint 300

    Innovative etch technology with horizontal conveyorised system >> Suitanble for all acidic or alcaline etching agents

    The shortest conveyorised etching machine with non reduced etching quality!

    A perfect solution for laboratories with limited space available

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  • Press Releases Bungard CCD 2016 Open or Close

    Bungard CCD 2016

    On basis of our proven CCD-Series we invented a number of improvements to the machine and closed the technology gap between the Bungard CCD Premium and the conventional technology.

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  • Google Lunar X-Price Open or Close

    With Bungard products you have all you need for your flight to the moon !

    After first supplies in 1968 for NASA moon flights, BUNGARD ELEKTRONIK GmbH&Co KG is now again involved in an official lunar mission. Google Lunar X-Price. Know more

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  • Productronica 2015 Open or Close

    Retrospect of the Productronica 2015

    The Bungard Elektronik GmbH and CO. KG finished this year's Productronica with great success. More


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  • Press Releases Inauguration of Multilayer Laboratory in Indonesia Open or Close
    Bungard Elektronik richtet Komplettlabor in Bahir Dar ein

    We already reported about the fully equipped multilayer laboratory in Surabaya. Here now the pictures from the official opening ceremony.

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  • Press Release Indonesia Open or Close
    Bungard Elektronik richtet Komplettlabor in Bahir Dar ein

    Indonesia invests into research and development

    Bungard Elektronik sets up complete laboratory in Surabaya.

    At the well known Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya the first Bungard Profiline prototype laboratory in Indonesia was set up and successfully put into operation in March. In addition to some basisline labs and CNC devices Indonesia now has a complete laboratory for multilayer and small batch production.

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  • Press release Twin-Jet Open or Close

    Bungard News:

    Bungard Elektronik richtet Komplettlabor in Bahir Dar ein Bungard builds Twin-Jet with maximum etching format of 350 x 980 mm. This machine unites the proven Jet-components with an XXL etching format. In comparison to conveyorized etching machines the Bungard Twin-Jet convinces with a small space requirement, higher spray pressure and a fantastic price. What's more, on customer request the machine is also equipped with a fume extraction device at the opening lid.
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  • Press Releases Hellas XL Open or Close
    Bungard Elektronik richtet Komplettlabor in Bahir Dar ein  

    Hellas XL

    Especially for our customers from the printing industry, we have adjusted our proven Hellas exposure unit. This machine has an enlarged exposure level (570 x 360 mm compared to 570 x 300 mm of the standard Hellas) and 7 super actinic fluorescent tubes instead of previously 6. This ensures a uniform illumination over the entire exposure area.

    This greater exposure area fits standard cliché sizes in the printing industry.
    Of course, we continue to offer our standard Hellas.

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  • Press Releases Outlet Table and Board Holder for RBM402 Open or Close

    New: Outlet table for RBM402

    For the Bungard brushing machine RBM 402 KF and BLC, we now offer a removable outlet table.
    The delivery table is not driven, so that the boards come simply to lie on the outlet table after leaving the drying zone.

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  • Press Releases Ethiopia Open or Close
    Bungard Eletronik build up laboratory in ethiopia  

    Ethiopia is investing in research and development 

    Bungard Electronics builds up Laboratory in Bahir DarAt the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology the first Bungard Profiline prototype laboratory in Ethiopia was set up and successfully put into operation.

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  • Sprint 3000 Open or Close

    Sprint 3000 - customized etching system for your PCB laboratory.

    with additional suction hood (option)

    Sprint 3000 with addtional suction hood (Option)


    titanium cooling coil (option)
    Titanium cooling coil (Option)


    various thickness and materials

    Various thicknesses of substrates possible

    Sprint - that is an innovative and modular system of horizontal, conveyorized spray etching. Suitable for all acid and alcaline etchants.

    New! The Sprint (3000/4500/6000) series is made for double sided PCBs with line resolution down to better than 0,1 mm. Machine is available as table top or floor standing version. With this range of products, complete production lines are possible covering developing, etching and rinsing including waste water treatment.
    Outstanding feature is the transport unit, which is fully removable for cleaning purposes and may be extended or shortened almost arbitrarily, and thus allows custom changes or machine designs. Standard machine has a width of 300mm (SPRINT 3000) but wider machines are available (450mm=Sprint 4500 / 600mm =Sprint 6000).

    side view Sprint4500 construction details
    Sprint4500 with working width 450 mm

    Construction details

    Technical highlights:

    • Small footprint, easy handling, control panel front
    • Service friendliness: All nozzles with self-adjusting
      Bayonet Lock: no readjustment!
    • Transport: The maintenance-free bevel gear (titanium-PP)
      with vertical made as a complete transportation unit
      can be easily take out of machine for cleaning
    • Transport speed infinetly variable from 0-2m/min
    • Short etching time and high etching precion due to high end spray nozzles arranged in nozzle bar
    • Machine equipped with filter for etchant
    • Titanium heater, controlled by digital thermostate with function control
    • Integral closed loop rinse plus fresh water rinse, upon request also with motion dectector
    • Clean emptying of all tanks via ball valves
    • Security features: cover switch and emergency stop

    transport unit

    exchangeable nozzle bar
    Nozzle bar


    Specifications for Sprint 3000

    • Overall size: 1100 mm x 750 mm x 750 mm (LxWxH)
    • Working width: 300 mm
    • Power supply: 230V,50Hz, 1.5kW
    • Tank capacity: 20 Litre (etchant), 15 Litre (close loop rinse)
    • Weight: +- 95 kg
    • Water output: +- 80 litre/min
    • Spray pressure: +- 1 bar
    • Working temperature: 0 – 45 °C

    with floor stand and waste water treatement (option)
    floorstanding with waste water treatment (option)


    Possible options:

    • Working width: 450mm / 600mm for Sprint 4500/6000
    • Sensorcontrol for fresh water rinse (motion control)
    • additional suction hood, swiveling
    • upper / lower pressure adjustable via cog valve
    • additional rinsing sections possible
    • etching zone can be enlarged to 2x / 3x / 4x length
    • high pressure pump for rinsing
    • titanium cooling coil, electrically controlled to reduce bath temperature in case of danger of exothermical reaction
    • run dry protection (double security for heater elements)
    • rack with or without security tray
    • transmitting height up to 10mm (e.g. for pad printing clichees)
    • can be supplied with waste water treatment unit
    • Oscillation module possible

    Connections Sprint 3000 long


    customized machine with oscillation
    customized machine with oscillation

    Technical changes reserved and possible. Images are to be seen as examples and do not allow conclusions on the actual properties of the machine

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