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Precision-Etch and Developing Machine Bungard KRC2500

for pcb, modelling or printing applications

The Bungard KRC2500 is a vertical etching machine for precision applications. In contrast to conventional etching or developing machines, the substrate is rotated during the etching process on a clamping wheel. This prevents preferential directions and process strips safely and reduces and balances etching undercutting.


The substrate is fitted into the clamping wheel and the wheel is mounted from above into the machine. The special nozzles are internally designed in a way, so that the full spray cone hits the substrate with a spin. During the etching process the clamping wheel with the substrate is continuously rotated by a gear motor and transport rollers. The rotating wheel and the spin of the spray cone of the precision nozzles ensure in cooperation with the uniform liquid flow of the etching medium particularly precise etching result.

The robust machine is predominantly (contacting the etchant area exclusively) made of PVC, PE, PP and titanium construction.

The etching progress can be visually inspected through the transparent PVC front. The etching process is automatically stopped by a timer. In addition, the etching can be stopped by lifting the cover (safety switch).


Technical Informations




Power supply: 208/240 V 1 Phase 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 2000W
Max. substrate size: 200 mm x 200 mm
Dimensions (LXDXH): 650 x 800 x 1100 mm
Working height: 1000 mm
Tank content: 27 l
Etching pump: Magnetic centrifugal pump with approx. 80l/min throughput (gross)
Digital-timer for etching pump: 0-999 seconds
RPM: stepless adjustable
Weight: 90 kg
Heater: 1 x 800W Titanium heater, limited to 45°C
Technical changes reserved. Pictures similar.

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