Motor driven versus electro-magnetic / pneumatic Z axis

Only with a motor driven Z axis you have control over the actual penetration depth and Z stroke speed, which are both indispensible parameters if you want more than stamping the holes in the board. We understood that LPKF machines cannot even drill / cut deeper than 2 mm, and in absence of a defined drill speed, we even heard about problems with PTH due to poor wall quality of the drill holes. With our motor driven Z axis you have an active stroke length of more than 30 mm, and the board penetration depth is limited only by the type of tool being used. And if we tell our software to cut 3.0 mm deep with 5 m/min stroke speed, (maybe in 3 iterations of 1.0 mm per turn) then it will cut exactly this depth at that speed, without fiddeling around on mechanical adjustment screws...

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