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Dark Room

Dark Room for FILMSTAR
solid aluminium frame construction with integral door, fully assembled with tanks for film developing, fixation and rinsing.

Including table for Filmstar photoplotter. With green safelight lamp. Size; approx.: 200x120x120 cm, weight: +- 100 kg, video available on our website (Filmstar page)
Dark Room will be delivered completely mounted. Check your door size!
Cuvette size: 47x18x40 cm. Tank: 46x5x38cm

Dark Room Safe Light

Dark Room lamp assembly green 60 cm complete
included in Dark Room

Filmstar Cuvette

Triple Tank for Filmstar (PVC)
One tank each for developing, fixing, rinsing. To be inserted into a table, with surrounding 40 mm wide flange.
Two covers, 3 hoses for emptying.
Inner dim. per tank: 40 x 45 x 5 cm
Total dim. 55 x 45 x 26 cm approx.

Filmstar Developer, Fixer and Films

We deliver high quality photo films and suitable chemicals

from well known manufacturers for our laser photoplotter Bungard Filmstar.

Filmstar Fixing Rivets

Exposing PCBs you have to reference the layout tracks to the drill holes.
One safe and simple possibility is to use the Bungard fixing pins.
With the Bungard CCD you drill reference holes into your PCB.
These reference holes are displayed as targets on your layout foil.
The targets are punched with the Bungard Film Punch and after that you use the fixing pins to attach the layout to the PCB. This method is also applicable for double sided exposure.

Light Table Claire

Art.Nr./Item no.80090
LED light table CLAIRE, Din A3 size, super flat, dimmable (3times)


Filmpunch is made for perfect registration of your layout film to fit precisely to your PCB.
The punch bush is lighted by a LED and. The film is be fixed with two clamps and then x-/y- adjusted with two handwheel screws.
The magnifier helps to control the position of your layout...

By the way: fitting to Filmpunch we offer suitable fixing pins. With these pins you can fix your layout to the reference holes of your pcb during exposure.
See also Chemicals and accessories - fixing pins for Hellas/Filmstar.

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