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What is QualityScan3000?
QualityScan3000 is a fully integrated, stand-alone process control, measurement and inspection workstation for use in many applications in multiple industries.
QualityScan3000 uses a PC Windows based software package integrated with a high-resolution, calibrated, A3 size flatbed scanner. This combination allows for inspection of parts at virtually any stage of production. Parts can be inspected versus Gerber data, CAD data or Golden parts.

Catch problems BEFORE production floor – “Virtual problem”
Catch problems DURING production – “Sampling for SPC”
Eliminate REWORK
Environmentally friendly
Maximize existing capital investment
Reduce operator, engineer & management stress
Focus on SOLUTIONS versus problems

Why QualityScan3000?
QualityScan 3000 systems are the standard in the industry for PCB/stencil/emulsion screen/film inspection – it’s the leading system in the world!
Inspection is needed- It is not acceptable to ship or use defective parts!
QualityScan 3000 is the lowest cost complete inspection system in the industry
100% inspection of part using CAD data or a Golden Part
Inspect a wide variety of features on a single system…  multi purpose
Inspection of parts in any material including FR4, Polyamide, Rodgers, Thermount.
Or plastic or paper, diazo, glass, chrome, electroform, stainless, silicon, etc
Systems are very easy to use and based on a standard PC platform
Optionally, create or modify CAD data to match existing parts when data is lost

Technical Data:


Dimension (LxWxH):

656mm x 458mm x 158mm


14,5 kg (100 kg incl. underframe)

Scan area:

ca. A3 (310 x 437 mm)

Scan resolution:

2400 dpi (main scan)

4800 dpi with Micro step (sub scan)

Output resolution:

50 to 12 800 dpi


1 High Speed USB

Electr. Connection:

220 x 240 V (100 - 120 V optional) / 50-60 Hz

0,5 (0,9) A

System requirements:

(Computer not part of delivery)

Multi Core Prozessor - 3Ghz

1 TB 7200 RPM HD, 8-16 GB RAM

CD/DVD-ROM, Flat Panel Monitor

Ethernet Connection

Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit with 2 USB2 or USB3-Anschlüsse

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