HitecPlate Plating Through Hole Machine

The HitecPlate 2030 and HitecPlate 3040 are universally applicable electroplating machines for the deposition of metals and serve for the production of plated-through-hole printed circuit boards in vertical technology for prototype and small batch production.
The HitecPlate 2030 and HitecPlate 3040 are designed for direct metallization and have baths for process steps cleaning, rinsing, pre-dipping, activating, rinsing, intensifying, rinsing, copper deposition. What is more, the machines have an additional tank, which you do not need for our plating set, but may be necessary for other chemical systems. Alternatively, the tank can be used for chemical tinning or alkaline cleaning after the copper bath.

The tanks are arranged in series, which leads to a narrow depth and makes later automation possible.







We offer the machine as standard HitecPlate 2030 and HitecPlate 3040 for board sizes of 200 x 300mm² or 300 x 400mm² with a galvanic tank.
Two treatment tanks are equipped with titanium heaters and are thermostatically controlled. The galvanic tanks have an integrated air injection. The cathode bars are driven by a push rod driven again by a DC gear motor. The speed is infinitely adjustable. In addition, a vibration can be retrofitted at any time
The galvanic tank is assigned a continuously variable rectifier. One voltmeter and one ammeter provide information about the electrical values. The particular importance of the flushing is taken into account with a sink behind each treatment bath. These can be continuously cleaned via an overflow with an AquaPur wastewater system.
The process baths used are based on the proven palladium technology (direct metallization with palladium as catalyst).




Technical Data


HitecPlate 2030

HitecPlate 3040


Plating-through-hole, copper galvanic

Plating-through-hole, copper galvanic

Max. Board size[mm]

200x300 (250x350 possible)

300x400 (350x450 possible)

Electrical connection

230 V AC, 50-60Hz

230 V AC, 50-60Hz

Power consumption [W]



Volumen Treatment tanks [l]



Volumen Galvanic tank [l]









Working Height[mm]



Total Depth [mm]



Total Width [mm]



Fresh water in [mm]

25 mm Spout

25 mm Spout

Spray rinse connection [mm]

16 mm Spout

16 mm Spout

Waste water out [mm]

30 mm Spout

32 mm Spout

Technical changes reserved

Benefits of machine
  • Modular construction
  • Compact design
  • Easy operation, easy handling
  • Clean work flow
  • Uniform deposition of copper on the surface and the drill hole
  • Automatic rinse water exchange possible


  • Construction of machine (basic module)
    Machine frame completely made from PVC
    5 treatment basin
    electroplating tanks
    separate rinsing section for every process step
    Automatic rinse water exchange possible
    anode frame
    Drain valve and cover for each basin
    Air injection for copper bath
    Agitation on all tanks, infinitely adjustable
    2 Titanium heater
    main switch
    Electronic rectifier, current or voltage constant mode




Available accessories and optional changes:
  • Safety tray
  • exhaust hood
  • Vibration motor
  • Set of Anodes
  • chemicals
  • PCB holder
  • Filters for galvanic baths
  • Ion exchange equipment for rinsing
  • Change the size of the pool according to the required working surface 


Optional extensions processes:
Because of the modular structure the following additional processes can be integrated into the equipment:
Tinning (subtractive technology)
Desmear, Blackening
Immersion Tin
Organic protective layer (OSP)
Electroless nickel / gold or
Stripper negative resist






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