Recovery unit for precious metals


  • Filter
  • lonexchanger
  • Tubing Pump
  • Underframe
Special Characteristics:
Absorbs heavy metals and solids (gold, palladium, silver)
Continuous circulation of water through the filter system and reuse
Economical solution for problems of waste water cleaning
Easy handling and operating
Low water consumption


The ion exchangers have been found in the field of waste water a very large application.
The rinse water accumulate on the process baths with the metals. The legislature prescribes a recycling and cleaning of the rinse water.
In the ion exchanger system, the rinse water is continuously circulated. The solids are hold back by a fine filter. Depending of the kind of resin the ions are reversibly or irreversibly caught in the ion exchange resin. After complete loading of the resin, the ion exchanger needs to be regenerated or smelted. The smelting of the resins or the regeneration is carried out by specialist companies. The particular advantage of the System is that the ions are completely removed from dilute rinse water into the reson, where they can be recovered in a concentrated form.


Ionex R-PM 2 recovery unit for precious metals


Technical Data:

Dimension (L x B x H): 700 x 160 x 1010 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Material: PVC/PP
Flow rate of pump:

Typ 1: 10 l/h

Typ 2: 20 l/h

Power supply: 230 V~, 50 Hz, 50 W
Resin: Type PM: Special anion resin for gold and other precious metals
Type CAT: cation resin for tin, zinc, copper, ferric
Type AN: anion resin for anions like chloride etc.
Filter: Polyethylen filter 5 µm
Resin volume: Type 1: 1.5 l
Type 2: 3.0 l
Customized machines possible on request - Technical details are subject to change without notice.

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