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CNC machine

The Bungard CCD/MTC is a high quality Computer Controlled Drilling machine with Manual Tool Change. It allows direct processing of Excellon/Sieb&Meyer drill data or HP/GL data for PCB production (drilling, milling, isolation routing) and milling/routing of plastics, aluminium or other metal panels.

Extend of delivery

  • Mechanics unit
  • Control unit, full set of cables
  • High speed, lo
    ng life spindle with quick stop brake and load control
  • Manual, semi automatic tool change, 99 out of 99 tools per job
  • Integral depth limiter and pressure foot
  • Windows driver software RoutePro 2005 for drilling and routing
  • Powerful 500-1500 Watt (adjustable) vacuum cleaner, remote controlled

Special features

  • Mechanics unit: rigid and flat construction with low moving weights and high quality bearings for high-speed positioning
  • Machine bed with universal fixture system, suitable for clamp or span fixing or for reference pins (fiducials)
  • KaVo high precision spindle motor, 150 Watt, 60 000 rpm, with heavy-duty long-life bearings, including 1/8" (3.2 mm) chuck
  • Software controlled spindle speed. Electronic spindle load control with software feedback
    Spindle quick stop (1s) DC brake and speed-up booster
  • Heavy duty 2x2 phase high-torque stepper motors on all 3 axes for true milling capability and correct tool speed
  • All X/Y and Z traverse speed, working speed, working depth, spindle rpm and depth iterations individually configured on a per-tool basis, resulting in:
  • Always adequate cutting speed over the entire spindle RPM range, no need for 100 K rpm spindles, no excessive wear to costly spindle bearings
  • Standard travel area: 325 x 495 x 37 mm (larger machines available)
  • Quick manual tool change by turning a knob, with machine position locked, no recalibration of height required
  • Smallest tool diameter: 0.1 mm (micro end mill at 60 000 rpm)
  • Max. hole diameter: infinite
  • Integral depth limiting device for isolation milling and engraving on uneven surfaces, work level setting by Z stepper motor, depth fine adjustment with micrometer screw
  • Removable, spring-load pressure foot for drillng of flexible and uneven PCBs
  • Stack processing of several boards at once (typical stack: three 1.6 mm thick boards plus one underlay/base sheet)
  • Working depth not limited by depth sensor, only by tool flute length (standard: 5..10 mm)
  • Uses all common PCB drills/mills with 1/8" shank, with industry-standard length setting by collar
  • Board fixture by "fiducials" possible at no extra cost, using standard base sheet material
  • Possibility of mounting boards to machine zero point. Clamp fixing devices included with machine, span fixing for heavy-duty milling is possible
  • Vacuum board fixation not recommended due to problems with board penetration by drilling
  • Stand alone control unit connects to all standard PCs with 1 free USB or serial port
  • Fully integrated Windows (98..XP) driver software for Excellon, Sieb&Meyer or HP/GL data for real-time, on-line machine control, with comfortable user interface, including full tool management and plausability control
  • All machine parameters (speeds, acceleration ramps, X/Y/Z dimensions, scaling) software controlled and configurable
  • Easy to use teach-in feature for drill data
  • Step definition: Software selectable: 1 mil, 1/2 mil, 1/4 mil (= 6.35 micrometer)
  • Resolution: 0.1 mil (= 2.54 micrometer)
  • Precision +/- 1 step
  • Positioning accurracy over entire workspace: 20 ppm (0.002%)
  • Maximum traverse speed per axis: 130 mm/s
  • Maximum working speed per axis: 130 mm/s, individual setting on a per-tool basis, independent from traverse speed
  • Drill speed: 5 hits/s (=18000 holes per hour)

Technical data

  • Power supply: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz + vacuum cleaner (1500W)
  • Size (mechanics): approx. 70 x 80 cm
  • Required desktop size: approx. 120 x 80 cm
  • Weight: approx. 32 kg

    Computer not included

Available options

  • Protective hood, CAM / isolation software, monitor + camera, cooling device, compressor, etc.