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Bungard Solder Mask

We offer the typical green surface finish for printed circuit boards in industrial quality.
Our laminate solder mask is an aqueous alkaline processed dry film mask.


It is a transparent, green material, which we provide in 75 microns (3 mil) thickness, 305 mm width and roll lengths of 38, 76 or 152 meters. Special thicknesses and lengths are available on request.

As usual in such resists, the photo-polymer is embedded between a thin polyolefin protective film and a strong 25 micron polyester foil.


Solderstop laminate is suitable for printed circuits boards, consisting of epoxy or polyamide-based materials and which are coated with copper, solder, tin, nickel or gold. Laminate Solderstop is compatible with most soldering processes such as wave soldering, hot air leveling, vapor-phase soldering, infrared soldering, etc., and resistant to most solvents, flux and defluxmedia. Because of its good qualities, it is ideally suited for high line density and SMD technology. For flexible circuit boards, we can not recommend the product.

The solder mask is pressed by means of pressure and temperature on the board. For this you optimally use our Profilaminator RLM 419p.


The processing of laminate Solderstop consists of the following procedural steps:
Pre-cleaning - Laminating - Exposure - Developing - Hardening (Baking)

Of course, our solder mask is compatible with a previous Bungard Tin Sur step.


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