(Enig = electroless nickel gold)

Chemical Nickel-Gold

Since early 1990s the alloy surface (nickel / phosphorus & gold) is one of the most versatile surfaces. In this method, a nickel layer forms the diffusion barrier between copper and solder alloy. The gold is dissolved in the solder joint and the liability / IMC formation is done with the nickel layer. Electroless nickel-gold requires an upstream copper activation to start the nickel deposition. The nickel layer increases mechanical vias and increases the abrasion resistance.

layer thickness: 3 - 6 μm NiP and 0.05 - 0.12 μm Au


storage time: 12 Months


low / medium / high P systems : (<7; 7-10; >10 % P)


Layer properties

  • low / medium / high P systems (<7, 7-10;> 10% P)
  • Layerthickness 3 - 6μm NiP and 0.05-0.12μm Au
  • Autocatalytic nickel deposition
  • Gold protects nickel from oxidation
  • Reliable multi-functional surface
  • suitable for Al-wire bonding
  • Growth of the nickel-phosphorus layer of activated copper


Compacta 30 chem. Nickel-Gold
This machine can perform nickel and gold plating for printed circuit boards up to a size of 200x300mm. 5 PVC tanks, 2 PP tanks all about 10 liters, 3 Teflon radiators all with thermostatic, 5 Digital Timer, bath movement (adjustable), all tanks with ball valve drain. spray rinse with foot switch, flushing pressure adjustable. Stand-alone machine. Connection: 230 V


  • Suitable for multiple Pb-free soldering
  • Planarity for SMT
  • Diffusion barrier (nickel), prevents the solution of copper in the solder
  • Long storage time (12 months), excellent resistance against ageing
  • E-Test Compatible
  • Suitable for contact switches
  • Good resistance in corrosive environments
  • Suitable for AL-wire bonding
  • Suitable for high aspect ratio boards


Compacta 40 chem. Nickel-gold, Nickel and gold plating plant for printed circuit boards up to a size of 300 x 400mm.


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