RDC 30 - Multidip - Bungard Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG

For all Bungard CCD machines

Plus 3000


  • the Software RoutePro 3000
  • the extra license Plus 3000



With this module activated you will get the following extra features:

  • You may load up to 32 layers per project
  • In the Wizard you may select the type of project,depending on your selection, the project
    will be stored under the project type name. This can be useful to separate projects meant for PCB or stencils etc.
  • Under the tab GENERAL you may set theorigin of your material. This can be the zero position of machine but can also be calculated from the material position.
  • You may position the machine by moving and clicking with the mouse in the camera
    screen. It will also try to center the drill hole. This can be useful if you want to capture the
    holes from an existing PCB.

  • Under the Views tab you now have the following extra' s:
    • Show material
    • Set the intensity of the line grid
    • Set the intensity of the dot grid
    • Set the intensity of the table view
    • Show the mounting holes
    • Show the ATC tool-slots and depth sensor

  • Under the Help tab you'll find two buttons to open the location of the current project and
    the documentation.

Modules for RoutePro 3000

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