Not every surface is equally suitable for every use.

Surface Comparison

Surface Layer / Thickness Application Costs Solderability Storage
Sur Tin 0,8-1,7 μm SN soldering ++ ++ approx. 6 months
chem tin
0,08μm org. metal
0,8-1,2μm SN
soldering, (Conductive Adhesives), press fit technology ++ ++ >12 months
Chem. Nickel
3-6μmNiP / 70-
120nm Au
soldering, AL-wire bonds, Conductive Adhesives - ++ >12 months
Galv. Gold 4-6NiP / 0,4-
2μm Au
-- -- unlimited

Comparison Gold Surfaces

Criteria chem. Nickel-Gold (ENIG) chem. Nickel-Thickgold Hardgold
Thickness Gold 0,075-0,3μ 0,5-max 1,0μ 1,0-1,2μ
Thickness Nickel 4-6μ 4-6μ 4-6μ
Storage min. 6 months min. 12 months min. 12 months
Application Alu wire-Bonding Alu wire- or Gold-wire-bonding plugs
Property soft soft hard (Kobalt-alloy)
costs medium medium high
Layouthints none none Gold surfaces must be electrically connected


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