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CNC machine

CCD/2/ATC Precision

The Bungard CCD/2/ATC Precision is a high quality Computer Controlled Drilling machine with automatic tool change. The CCD/2/ATC Precision differs from the CCD/2/ ATCby higher step resolution at almost same drive speed as well as by two additional softare packages under ROUTEPRO 3000:


Calibrate 3000 (incl. camera, not shown on the picture here) and PLUS 3000

The CCD/2/ATC Precision is ideal for users, who do not have enough space to run an CCD/Premium machine.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 700 x 550 x 300 mm


Work area: 270 x 325 x 38 mm


Traveling speed: 1 - 7000 mm/min


Step resolution:  0.79 µm

Techn. Data

Power supply: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz + vacuum cleaner (1500 W)

Range of RPM: 5.000 - 63.000

Traveling speed: 1 – 7000 mm/min

Resolution: 0,01 µm

Step resolution: 0,79µm

Tool diameter: 0.1 mm – 3,175 mm (recommended, bigger tool diameter possible)

Maximum position speed per axis: 7000/mm/min (=150 mm/s)

Maximum working speed per axis: 7000/mm/min (=150 mm/s), individual setting on a per-tool basis, independent from position speed

Drill speed: 5/s (= 18.000 holes/h = 300 holes/min)

Required accessories: Computer

Board fixation: span fixing, clamp fixing, reference pin system, stack processing possible
Option: vacuum fixation

CCD/2/ATC Precision

Weight: 30 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 700 x 550 x 300 mm

Work area: 270 x 325 x 38 mm

Tool change: yes

CNC machine

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