Upgrade Waste Water Treatment 2

IONEX Waste Water Treatment - Bungard Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG

Upgrade Waste Water Treatment 2


Self regenerating circuit version

  • closed loop water circuit → no need for fresh water or connection to canalisation!
  • Removal of solids and all heavy metals → waste water regulations can be met!
  • Decrease of chemical oxygen demand
  • For post treatment of etch and galvanic rinse water
  • Lower and upper sump level control switch
  • 2 different standard sizes
  • Special solutions on request
  • Machine is connected to etch-, developer- or PTH-machine
  • Waste water from these plants is collected in the IONEX
  • Tank capacity: max. 110 l (max. 220 l IONEX B)
  • Cleaning capacity: approx. 100 (200 IONEX B) Eurocards or 1000 (2000 IONEX B ) prerinsed Eurocards
  • Water throughput: 10 l/h (15 l/h IONEX B)
  • Consumption of neutralizing agent:: approx. 100ml on 100l waste water
  • 4 cleaning steps:
    • coarse filter
    • active coal micro filter
    • 1 cation exchanger columns to remove heavy metal ions
    • 2 anion exchanger columns for neutralisation
  • Regenerated rinsing water flows into the tank of the pressure unit and is pumped back to the rinsing zones of the tank
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