It's so easy - because it's BUNGARD.

With our high quality rivets and our famous FAVORIT you will ever get the best results.

  • Standard:
    Tubular Rivets according to DIN 7340,
    Form A

  • Material:
    Copper, blank

New !

For the Bungard CCD we offer special brass tubular rivets with outer diameter 3.0 mm. With a special tool for Favorit you can use these rivets to arrange and fix multilayer boards before pressing.

Similar, but of shorter length are the fixing pins for Hellas/Filmstar to fix the layout to the pcb durcing exposure.

Inner diameter Outer diameter
+/- 0.03 mm
+/- 0.10 mm
Head diameter
+/- 0.15 mm
Wall thickness
+/- 10%
0,4 mm 0,6 mm 2,2 mm 0,9 mm 0,1 mm
0,6 mm 0,8 mm 2,2 mm 1,3 mm 0,1 mm
0,8 mm 1,0 mm 2,2 mm 1,6 mm 0,1 mm
1,0 mm 1,4 mm 2,5 mm 2,2 mm 0,2 mm
1,2 mm 1,6 mm 2,6 mm 2,6 mm 0,2 mm
1,5 mm 1,9 mm 2,7 mm 3,1 mm 0,2 mm
Drill diameter: When drilling on CNC machines, the drill diameter should be 0.1 mm larger than the above outer diameter.

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