Compacta 40 2CU


Professsional equipment for laboratory prototyping of through-hole plated PCBs. Due to a second galvanic tank and increased tank dimensions, the Compacta 40 can plate 2 separate PCBs of max. 300 x 400 mm size at the same time! Smaller and bigger units are available. Compacta is manufactured according to your requirements. Clean system including built-in rinsing compartment. This particular machine type COMPACTA 40 ABC 2xCu was optimized to suit the ABC chemistry which is also supplied by Bungard.


Example processing sequence:

  • Cleaner
  • Pre-catalyst
  • Catalyst
  • Salt remover
  • Copper plating


  • 5 treatment tanks
  • 2 copper platingbath
  • 1 triple-cascade rinse with flow control
  • 1 spray rinse tank with magnetic valve, foot switch and flow control


  • 2 Rectifier , 6 V / 80 A each, seperate current and voltage display and setting. Residual ripple < 0.1 % DC

Bath control:

  • 2 PTFE/PFA coated heaters, controlled by analogue instruments
  • 6 full digital timers
  • Air injection into the copper plating bath
  • Board movement by DC gear motor, adjustable speed


  • Digital timers for each bath (included in delivery!)
  • Required accessories (not included in delivery!): Chemicals, anodes, anodes holder and board holder

Technical Data

tank dimensions treatment tanks galvanic tanks
Length: 500 mm 500 mm
Width: 100 mm 300 mm
Depth: 450 mm 450 mm
Capacity: 20 l approx. 60 l
Total size (WxDxH): 120 cm x 118 cm x 139 cm
Working level: 95 cm
Weight: approx. 130 kg
Heater: 2 x 800 W
Rectifier: 2 x 6 V, 80 A
Power supply: 240 V, 50 Hz, approx. 2.5 kW

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