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Bungard CCD 2016

Bungard CCD 2016

Bungard CCD 2016

On basis of our proven CCD-Series we invented a number of improvements to the machine and closed the technology gap between the Bungard CCD Premium and the conventional technology.




CCD 3000

Step Resolution



Chip Technology

8 bit



RS232 if needed via USB Converter

Direct USB Port for easy Installation

Data Transfer

Single Vektor

Buffermode optional. Thus strongly enhanced Milling Behavior and Milling Pattern


Ribbon Cable

Chainflex cable


Compund Panel

Precision aluminium table, both sides milled over, for approximately zero height tolerance


30.000 – 63.000

3.000 – 63.000

Tork Adaption


Via Machine Configuration adjustable

Vacuum Cleaner Connection

Separate Relais Socket

1 Switch-Socket with Solid State 2000W max integrated in Controller

Power Factor Correction Filter


PFC• protected against short Connection, Overload and Overvoltage


Additional Option. No Preparation

Prepared:1 potential-free switching output for dosing

Laser Exposure

Additional Option. No Preparation

Controller for UV-Laserhead 250mW already integrated

Upgrade to automatic
Tool Change

Additional Option. No Preparation

1 Pneumatic switch output f.autom. tool change

Cover Switch

Additional Option. No Preparation

4mm Socket for cover switch / emergency stop

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