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New! The Bungard Sprint 300

New! The Bungard Sprint 300

New! The Bungard Sprint 300

Innovative etch technology with horizontal conveyorised system >> Suitanble for all acidic or alcaline etching agents

The shortest conveyorised etching machine with non reduced etching quality!

A perfect solution for laboratories with limited space available

The Bungard Sprint 300 is a full etching and developing machine, just like her bigger sister Sprint 3000.

The system was designed for developing applications, which normally do not require the rinse water treatment via a ion-exchanger. For this reason, the the closed loop rinse after the etching process can dispensed. This makes the machine considerably shorter and a lot cheaper.

The Sprint 300 is also ideal for customers, which think of acquiring a Splash or Jet machine because of their limited space, but who prefer to insert a clean board on the one side of the machine and get a perfect etched but again clean board from the machine on the other side.

The robust design, easy disassembly and thus easy maintainability was not changes nor the nozzle assembly and pump capacity.

Of course, we can also realize special machines with 450 mm or 600 mm passage width based on this short concept.

Please be aware of the fact that for all etching applications the required rinse water for cleaning will increase.

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