AquaPur 1000

The Bungard AquaPur 1000 is a modern and compact system for cleaning the rinsing water in a PCB laboratory, e.g. the rinse water from an etching or a PTH-machine (PTH = Plating through hole) . The system can also be used for the cleaning the rinsing water from steel cliche etching process in the printing industry. After a rough and a fine filter the  AquaPur1000 has two columns of mixed bed resin ion exchanger to remove both metallic cations and anions from the water. This way all your rinsing water regulations are easily met. No further use of chemicals or special expert staff  to e.g adjust ph-level is necessary. As part of a closed cycle of recyclable resources, the used ion exchange columns in this device can be recycled and reusable materials are recovered from the waste water.


The ion exchangers have been found in the field of waste water a very large application.
The rinse water accumulate on the process baths with the metals. The legislature prescribes a recycling and cleaning of the rinse water.


The name IONEX stands for ION-EXchanger, which is the very heart of this modern waste water treatment system. The Ionex is a modern and compact plant to treat rinsing water coming form the etching or through-hole-plating machines of a pcb laboratory. We offer 4 basic variants, which differ in rinsing water through-put and ion capacity. Type A and B are equipped with a cotton pre-filter, two cation columns and a ph neutralization column. Type KA and KB have three ion exchange columns.