CCD Premium

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An international trendsetter on the world market for printed circuit board production is the Bungard CCD PREMIUM.
It combines all available highlights, required in a modern PCB lab, to a fully equipped CNC center.


  • Highest possible speed of 22m/minute
  • Extremely high step resolution of 1 µm.
  • 32 Bit chip technologie for extremely quick communication on Windows 8 (or higher)
  • direct USB Port for easy installation
  • high precision aluminium table, double sided overmilled, for about zero height tolerance
  • low maintenance costs due to linear belt drive in x- and y- direction


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Vacuum table


Video Bungard CCD in DVD-Qualität Download CCD video in high quality (ZIP, 240 mb)


Standard features:

  • two syncron, in parallel working stepper motors for X-axis for max possible stiffness
  • 100.000 1/min spindle for smalles tool diameters
  • 300 W spindle
  • stepper motor torque adjustable via software
  • 30 tool boxes for automatic tool change.
  • tool length measurement and calibration incl. tool break control
  • integral pressure foot and depth limiter system
  • dust extraction with autostart function via software
  • rollrack with transparent 2 doors with security switches
  • - Laser head for LDI

Standard software supplied with the system:

Softwareresolution 0,1µm from June 2016 0,0001mm (0,01μm)
LOG files for perfect and automated online support.

ROUTEPRO 3000 incl. module:

- Plus 3000
- LaserPro 3000
- DisPro 3000
- Dokument 3000
- Calibrate 3000
- Inspect 3000

Technical details/requirements:

Power supply: 90-250 V AC /47-63 Hz or 124-370V DC
(without options and dust extraction)
Compressed air: 6 bar, +- 40 liter/minute

Size machine:

board size:

+- 80x95x60 cm

400x500 mm (Z-max: 64mm)

Weight machine: +- 80 kg
Size rack: +- 90x110x160 cm
Weight rack: +- 100 kg


Available options:

- Dispenser
- super silent compressor
- chiller for spindle in heavy use


Note: Computer does not belong to extend of delivery.
















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