Ormecon immersion tin is a method for chemical tin plating of copper surfaces.
The special on Ormecon process is a 0.08 micron thick layer of organic metal, which optimally prepares the surface for subsequent tinning and then prevents the 'diffusion of copper through the tin.
Ormecon ® CSN meets all modern requirements for PCBs:

  • completely planar surfaces for SMD technology
  • high storage capacity of bare printed circuit board
  • Energy and cost savings compared to HASL
  • can be used in basket systems without a major investment
  • suitable for horizontal production lines
  • protects the environment
  • simple process control and monitoring
  • all common solder and assembly print varnishes are processed

Additionally Ormecon ® CSN offers the following advantages over other chemical-tin methods:

  • Deposition of pure tin
  • Up to 50% longer service life of the tin bath
  • significant reduction of the diffusion layer
  • protection against oxidation • mulitiple, including interim storage, possible
  • Rating: 4 hours ageing 155 ° C, 3 x reflow, 1 x Shaft


PROTEC is ideally suited to the Ormecon chemical tinning procedure. The standard machine can process plates up to 200 x 300mm and contains 5 pools for Microetch, combined spray- and static rinse , Organic metal, chemical tinning 7001, hot rinse

Additional options:

Plate size 300 x 400mm
Bath movement
Pools for Cleaning Step
Pool for DI rinse

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