CCD/ATC/XL | Bungard Elektronik - CNC-machine


The Bungard CCD/ATC/XL is a high quality Computer Controlled Drilling machine with Automatic Tool Change (ATC).

AIR 2000

Air 2000 is a conveyorized PCB Dryer. Adjustable transport speed ensures perfect drying of holes and surfaces after all wet process sequences.


The SprintDryer can be connected in any way to any type of sprint, with a suitable dryer available for each throughput width of the Sprint series. Of course, you can also use the  SprintDryer together with the DL500 or as a stand-alone-unit with or without an underframe and with or without an inlet or outlet table.

ULX 110

The universal oven is our classic appliance for temperature control in science, research and material tests in industry.

RMP 210 / 3545 Touch - Bungard Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG

RMP 210 / 3545 Touch

The next generation of our successful RMP 210/3545 series has now a Facelifting. The new RMP touch system is now available upon request With its built-in controller and touch Display, that will automize the production process of your multilayer press workflow.


This high performance multilayer press was designed for PCB labs to enable quick prototyping of multilayer PCBs according to industry standards.

ORMECON® chemical tin

Ormecon immersion tin is a method for chemical tin plating of copper surfaces.
The special on Ormecon process is a 0.08 micron thick layer of organic metal, which optimally prepares the surface for subsequent tinning and then prevents the 'diffusion of copper through the tin.

Ormecon ® CSN meets all modern requirements for PCBs.

Chemical Nickel-Gold

Since early 1990s the alloy surface (nickel / phosphorus & gold) is one of the most versatile surfaces. In this method, a nickel layer forms the diffusion barrier between copper and solder alloy. The gold is dissolved in the solder joint and the liability / IMC formation is done with the nickel layer. Electroless nickel-gold requires an upstream copper activation to start the nickel deposition. The nickel layer increases mechanical vias and increases the abrasion resistance.

Galvanic Nickel-Gold

The nickel-gold plating-surface is abrasion-resistant and corrosion free and therefore it is often used for components with increased mechanical stress (male).
The resist coated circuit board is first provided with an electroplated nickel layer> 3μm as a diffusion barrier (preventing that the subsequent gold gradually "disappears" by diffusion). After the nickel plating followes by the actual galvanic golding. Gold layer between > 0.4μm to 2μm are deposited. This depends of the purpose. For plugs the number of jacking cycles is applied.