Bungard builds Twin-Jet with maximum etching format of 350 x 980 mm.


Hellas LED - Bungard Elektronik GmbH & Co.KG

Hellas LED

Hellas vacuum exposure units, a leader in the world market since year 1978 are now renovated for a bright future. bungard improved that technology to long lasting and constant light emission by UV LED technology.



Precision vacuum exposure unit for double-sided contact exposure of photocoated base material, print films and more.

EXP 3040 LED

The EXP 3040 LED is a high speed double sided exposure machine mainly designed for high resolution production of printed circuit boards, stencils and clichés in small and medium quantities !

LaserPro 3000

The Bungard laser unit is an add-on-item for the Bungard CCD to expose photoresists, solder masks and Alucorex. The laser is mounted into the spindle holder instead of the high frequency spindle and is controlled by the RoutePro 3000 software. The Bungard laser exposure unit is an answer to the demand of many operators for higher precision, faster processing speeds and reduced tool costs, as it is the case for example with isolation milling.

Eurolux LED

The Eurolux LED Precision is a vacuum exposure unit for single-sided contact exposure of photo-coated base  material, copying films etc.



VARIODRILL is a PCB drilling machine for prototypes and small batch production. The demand for operating comfort and high quality has led to an untraditional design which meets the necessary requirements for an ergonomic correct working position.

RBM 300 | Brushing machine - Bungard Elektronik

RBM 300

A professional brushing machine designed for use in small series production and laboratories. With integrated frequency transformer.

RBM 402 | Brushing machine - Bungard Elektronik

RBM 402

The RBM 402 series is the highest highest developed brushing machine in our range. It is ideally suited for professional prototyping or small batch production in modern PCB laboratories.