SMD Templates

Out of the plotter in the morning, just ready in the afternoon. With ORIGINAL BUNGARD metal templates.


With our high quality rivets and our famous FAVORIT you will always get the best results.

Chemicals and Accessories

The name ORIGINAL BUNGARD stands for the highest quality and processing safety

Presensitized Boards

A value concept for quality.


From 1981 on we sell under the brand name ALUCOREX our photo-coated anodized aluminium. This product is perfectly suited for front panels, scales, labels and pad printing clichés.

Special Purpose Laminates

Besides our standard products we offer some materials for special applications. If you do not find below a suitable product for your application, please contact us.

Drills and Routers

High quality, precisely grinded carbide drill and routing bits. All models have a reinforced shank of 3,175 mm and are equipped with a distance ring. The distance from the tip to the upper side of the ring is 21 mm. The ring has a diameter of 7.5 mm and is labeled or color-coded accosding to the diameter. The tools are packaged in resealable plastic boxes.

Sur Tin - Chemical Tin

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to protect your pcb is to dip into a Bungard Sur Tin solution. A thin layer of copper will be exchanged with tin. Adhesion and IMC will take place directly on the copper.
Components can be fixed by soldernig or press-fit-connection.

Green Coat

Green Coat is a new spray coating for all PCBs that are manually soldered.