Bungard Downloads

 PDF Download Product Catalog 2020 (PDF 7,4 MB)

Instructions for use

Photo material


Bungard Filmstar:

Bungard CCD:

The CCD-manual (English 5MB) 2017

Software RoutePro3000:

READ-ME-File for RoutePro3000 (PDF D-E)

Setup - RoutePro3000-Version (ca. 60 MB)

Update - RoutePro3000-Version (ca. 14 MB)

Firmware Update for CCD3000-Controller (2MB)

Help files for RoutePro3000:

PDF-Help RoutePro3000 (English 10MB)

Online-Help RoutePro3000 (English 10MB)


Download IsoCam complete IsoCam 5.0 Version for New green and old brown Dongle Complete install-version incl. help files for Windows XP - Windows 10 64-bit (90MB)

for new dongle start IsocamW7D.exe. For old dongles start IsocamW7.exe

Download IsoCam 5.0 Free Demo IsoCAM 5.0 FREE DEMO

Download IsoCam 5.0 Free Demo New ! Tutorial-Video for Beginners! Download here !

Download IsoCam Quickstart (E-Book) IsoCam Quickstart (E-Book)

Download IsoCam Help (E-Book) IsoCAM Help E-Book English

Older software versions

Download DrillPro / Routepro DOS V 4.6 Drillpro / Routepro DOS V4.6 Disk Image (ZIP, 334 KB)

Download RoutePro 2000 RoutePro 2000 (29.07.08, ZIP 1,4 MB)

Download RoutePro 2008 RoutePro 2008 V8.31 (Win XP - Win10; download for RoutePro3000 at customer downloads)

Download IsoCam 5.0 Win XP / Win 7 IsoCam 5.0 for Win XP - Win 10 64-bit USB-key (open version, no help file) (4MB)

Download IsoCam complete Complete install-version incl. help files for Windows XP - Windows 10 64-bit (90MB)

Download Filmstar 8000 USB FilmStar 8000 (USB) EXE Update 01/2007 (ZIP, 3 MB)

Price lists

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